The place for patients seeking treatment from the hand of a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor who has been in practice for decades as the heir to a generations-old family tradition.

Dr. Lu Chen Guang
In the TCM clinic of Dr. Lu and Tami Cleitman
We provide Medical
Qi-Kong treatments including: 
A Unique method of acupancture
Tweenah (chinese medical massage)
Counceling in the use of medicinal herbs,
Tami Cleitman

              Guidance in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle
               aimed to support the prevention of disease
              and making the best of the genetic potential
                           with which you were born.




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Call us at 052-3677047


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       Treating you in the Chinese natural way
If you are seeking natural treatment,
If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to minimize the need for chemical medications and surgical intervention,
If you have already tried “everything”, but the source of your illness stubbornly lingers,
If you seek personal treatment, embellished with the fragrance of incense and home Chinese cooking, with the sounds of Chinese music hovering in the background,
In a relaxing atmosphere, with personal attention, without pressure,
Then you are in the right place.
Come to the Chen-Chi Centre for Whole Medicine in Yahud and open a new path to your health.

If you are interested in knowing more about Dr. Lu and his contribution to the health and well-being of his patients, we invite you to look at the “Testimonials” webpage, and peruse the many stirring letters of thanks from patients who have been helped by Dr. Lu after seemingly endlessly and fruitlessly searching  elsewhere.

 Patients' Stories

Prof Borochovsky Guy Kivez
Ela Zelikov Dany Shirazyr
Boaz Banai Marina Katz
Or Giladi Nini Samuel
Dani Berebi Acinoam Haimovitz
Ella Klir Ariel Arkadi
Igor Israel
Sonia with children Kira

We thank all our patients
Who agreed to give their testimonials on our site
We hope their stories will inspire other patients
Who are in search of a solution to their ailments