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About Dr. Lu

   Dr. Lu holds a degree in Chinese medicine and Qi-Kong from Tiangeen University in China, where he was born. He specializes in treatment using ancient Chinese modalities including unique acupuncture techniques, Tweenah, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

   In Israel Dr. Lu has acquired a reputation as a unique traditional Chinese therapist, able to successfully treat an extremely wide range of chronic and acute ailments. He has great success with diabetes, infertility, complex neurological problems, eating disorders and weight problems, rheumatic pain, internal organ dysfunctions, difficult chronic conditions, dermatologic problems (including psoriasis), various psychological problems, and more.

   Beyond his formal education, Dr. Lu began, as a young child, to learn the secrets of Chinese medicine from his grandfather, who thus bestowed upon him a special and unique wealth of ancient knowledge developed by his ancestors who functioned as court physicians to the Chinese imperial family 500 years ago. This legacy of knowledge has been kept within the family, handed down from one generation to the next. Thus, Dr. Lu entered his formal study of Chinese medicine already in possession of a deep wealth of therapeutic knowledge and many years of practice, acquired in the practices of his family members, behind him. The years of his apprenticeship under the dedicated tutelage of the doctors within his own family, even before and also after his formal training in university, forged him into a special and unique doctor who possesses the ability and knowledge to successfully treat many patients who have not been helped by modern medicine. Because of this knowledge and his success in treatment, at a very young age Dr. Lu was promoted to the rank of General in the Chinese army medical corps, in which he served as the medical director of an army hospital.

   Through the years Dr. Lu has maintained close contact with his family members, and he still consults with them with regard to the treatment of some of his patients here.

He was an instructor at the Medi-Sin College in Israel, and provided treatment for may patients at Readman College. Many of the staff and instructors and students from the college are still loyal patients of his.

In recent years, in addition to his other work, Dr. Lu served as a volunteer in the Israeli army, treating many patients who were referred to him by the army medical corps. He became renowned for treating injured soldiers from the Second Lebanese War. Using his special acupuncture techniques and Tweenah, he successfully treated soldiers with difficult injuries whose rehabilitation prognosis had been written off as hopeless. With his engaging personality, and his unique skills, Dr. Lu succeeded in helping and giving hope to many patients, who, until entering under his care, had lost hope in recovering from their injuries. For his contribution to the soldiers in the I.D.F., Dr. Lu was described in he media as “the army’s secret weapon”. His success and ability were gratefully acknowledged by doctors and high-ranking officers in the army. His incredible success in improving conditions declared by conventional practitioners as hopeless won him many enthusiastic admirers whose stories still appear in the media from time to time.

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