Treatment Modalities in the Clinic

    All new patients of the clinic go through an initial assessment which includes a detailed medical history, examination by Dr. Lu, an interview with Tami, and the planning of an appropriate personal treatment protocol. The results of recent tests done elsewhere (blood chemistry, etc.) are reviewed if relevant, additional tests are ordered if necessary for various bodily functions, levels of vitamins and minerals, risk factors and signs of tumors, infections and parasites, heart disease, metabolic disease, etc. The testing will be done within the framework of Kupat Cholim and sometimes through private laboratories in Israel and abroad.

    Often the assessment includes filling out questionnaries the results of which help provide recommendations for lifestyle changes, dietary changes, recommended supplements, etc. After reviewing all of the data gathered from all of the above means in combination with the examination findings, a personal treatment program is established for the patient. The treatment includes Dr. Lu's treatment (acupuncture, Tweenah, and herbal medicines) and Tami's recommendations for preventive behavious (nutrition, lifestyle, supplements as appropriate in accordance with the principles of natural functional medicine).

The Healing Process
Healing from Acute Conditions
    Healing from acute problems will occur within a relatively small number of treatments, depending on one's condition at the outset of treatment, the chronicity of the disease, and the individual response of the patient to treatment.

Healing from Chronic Conditions
    When dealing with chronic disease, healing will usually take more time. Most often within 3 to 8 months from the commencement of treatment, a significant improvement can be expected. One's internal feeling will improve and a notable functional improvement will be noticeable. From time to time followup examinations and testing will be ordered from laboratories, whether at Kupat Cholim or from private laboratories both in Israel and abroad, in accordance with Dr. Lu's recommendations. The treatment protocol will then be adjusted accoring to the test results. Once the desired treatment outcome has been achieved, recommendations will be established for longterm maintenance.

 For an overview of Dr. Lu's treatment and his contribution to the health of his patients, see the "Testimonials" page and read the many stirring letters of gratitude from patients who have been helped by him after being unable to get help with their problems elsewhere. 

 Patients' Stories

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Or Giladi Nini Samuel
Dani Berebi Acinoam Haimovitz
Ella Klir Ariel Arkadi
Igor Israel
Sonia with children Kira

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