For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from agonizing and constant pain emanating from all of my body, with hardly a moment of respite. My active professional life as an architect, an artist, and entrepreneur was conducted against the omnipresent accompaniment of pain. I learned to live with it, and anyone not privy to the intimacies of my life was unaware of my suffering.

The doctors who tried to help me with my pain over the years had neither an explanation nor a solution for it. Relatively late in life, it came to my attention that I was not alone. Many other people, especially, but not only, women, suffer from the same phenomenon, which eventually acquired a name: fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, having a name was no guarantee for a remedy.

Thus, I was forced to seek help elsewhere - not from practitioners of traditional medicine, who seemed unable to help. My deep disappointment with conventional medicine drove me to search for help elsewhere. During many years I embarked on a  journey to find  respite from my suffering. My quest was rife with disappointment after disappointment: each time the disappointment was as great as the hope I had eagerly placed in each new direction I tried in my futile search.  Substantial financial resources were squandered in my desperate hope to find comfort, which, if it came at all, time and again would prove to be short-lived.

Around 2000, a long awaited change began. I encountered a philosophy of a proactive preventive approach to life, based on the application of five pillars of health: physical, mental, financial, family, and environmental. I was enchanted: I adopted this philosophy in its entirety, and so, for a short period of time, apparently, my troubles were over. For the first time in my life, I felt good, and I lived almost without pain. The overall improvement in how I felt endowed me with new hope of being healed, and the desire to continue to struggle with my malady until I would overcome it.

And then, just when I thought my troubles were over, a cancerous growth,  that apparently had been developing for some time, was discovered in my breast.

Because of my fibromyalgia, it was clear both to me and to my doctor that I would be unable to deal with part of the usual therapy for cancer. (The chemotherapy drugs usually administered following surgery and radiation, apparently, are almost certain to cause severe worsening of fibromyalgia). I decided to find an alternative to chemotherapy.

It was then that I met Dr. Lu. From the very first encounter I was overwhelmingly impressed with his skills as a doctor, his ambience as a human being, and as a dedicated and very special therapist, a master of his science and art. His charismatic personality and impressive record of successfully treating patients with a wide variety of complaints brought me to the decision to place my health in his hands.  At first, this was in addition to conventional treatment (surgery and radiation), and then, instead of chemotherapy and other drugs suggested by the oncologists. As a visitor to his clinic, I was deeply impressed  by Dr. Lu's success in treating many diseases and symptoms for which western medicine seemed to have no real answer. His remarkable success using only acupuncture and Tweenah, seemed to me to be almost miraculous.

Dr. Lu began to treat me before my surgery (lumpectomy). The goal was to strengthen my immune system, and to improve my body's ability to withstand the surgery. The surgery, in late 2004, was successful. I felt good, physically and mentally, immediately after the surgery and until this very day. In addition, Dr. Lu's treatment continued after the surgery and simultaneously throughout the period of radiation therapy so as to minimize the collateral damage from the radiation. The experience of the radiation therapy was relatively easy (compared to the experience of my "classmates"). Within a very short time there was little evidence of radiation burns to my breast.  There was also a significant improvement  in my blood tests as compared to those done as a part of the presurgical workup. Liver enzyme values that had been high became normal and in addition, my liver which previously had been enlarged and to some degree fatty, now appeared as normal.

Since then I feel as though I owe my life to Dr. Lu. I have made it my mission to transform my esteem for Dr. Lu and his treatment into deeds. I took upon myself the task of helping Dr. Lu to realize his strong desire to open a clinic in Israel. Together we opened the Chen Qi Center for Whole Treatment, Dr. Lu's clinic for Chinese medicine, located in his home in Yahud.

 I decided to help him to help other people. There are so many people who suffer from difficult maladies that seem to have no solution. There are so many people who have tried all of what western medicine has to offer, only to be disappointed with their recalcitrant suffering.

My advice, from my own experience, is simple:

Come to see Dr. Lu. He will almost certainly be able to help.

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