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About the "Chen Chi Center for Whole Treatment"  Dr. Lu Cheng-Guang’s clinic of Chinese Medicine in Yahud

    The acquaintance between Dr. Lu, doctor of Qi-Kong and Chinese medicine with Tami Cleitman, architect, artist, graphic artist, entrepreneur and lifestyle counsellor, led to a strong friendship and a mutual interest to collaborate. The result is the Chen Chi Center for Whole Treatment.

    Together, in the Bialystok neighbourhood of Yahud, with a homey ambience blending East and West, they offer authentic ancient Chinese therapies with a unique approach and knowledge handed down through the generations of Dr. Lu’s own family, literally a family dynasty of Chinese doctors with a legacy tracing back 500 years. These modalities include a unique kind of acupuncture, Tweenah (Chinese medicinal massage), and medicinal herbs.

     For Dr. Lu, treating patients is the realisation of his dream of making his home in Israel and helping many people who suffer from a range of diseases and maladies for which conventional medicine has no answer. He has a high rate of success with difficult chronic problems, including diabetes, infertility, complex neurologic disorders, eating and weight disorders, digestive problems, rheumatic pain, internal organ dysfunctions, various mental disorders, prostate problems, psoriasis, facialis, and more. (Refer to the “Testimonials” page (In Hebrew) for the stories of patients who have been relieved of many of the above.)

    Tami directs the clinic, translates, and facilitates communication between Dr. Lu and the patients, as well as sharing with patients her extensive knowledge of health in general, and ways to promote health. Tami will provide you with up to date information, acquired from years of researching and studying, related to nutrition, nutritional supplements, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and making the most of the unique genetic background that you have. For Tami, who left a long architectural career, this is an opportunity to repay a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Lu for his successful treatment of her. No less than this is the drive to help others in their time of medical need. She fervently hopes that by so doing she will be able to reduce and ease their pain.

    To gain an insight to Dr. Lu’s treatment, and his contribution to his patients’ health and wellbeing, scroll through the “Testimonials” page and read the stirring letters of appreciation from the many patients whom Dr. Lu helped after they were unable to be helped elsewhere.(testimonials are in Hebre).

 Patients' Stories

Prof Borochovsky Guy Kivez
Ela Zelikov Dany Shirazyr
Boaz Banai Marina Katz
Or Giladi Nini Samuel
Dani Berebi Acinoam Haimovitz
Ella Klir Ariel Arkadi
Igor Israel
Sonia with children Kira

We thank all our patients
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We hope their stories will inspire other patients
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