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    Through the use of unique authentic therapies preserved and handed down through the generations of his own family in China, Dr. Lu Cheng Guang succeeds in helping and curing many patients of conditions and diseases defined by Western medicine as incurable.

    The Chen Chi Center for Whole Medicine in Yahud  is the private clinic of Dr. Lu Cheng Guang,   Qi-Kong doctor (a branch of traditional Chinese medicine), and an expert in the use of ancient Chinese therapies including a unique type of acupuncture, Tweenah (Chinese medical massage), and medicinal herbs. The Center, which operates in his home in Yahud, provides an authentic ambience reflecting the spirit and philosophy at the foundation of Chinese medicine.

     Dr. Lu is the heir to a family of doctors who treated a Chinese imperial dynasty with unique methods of treatment kept as family secrets and passed on from generation to generation for 500 years, and still working in China today. Using the special techniques he learned from his grandfather, in addition to 13 years of the formal study of Chinese medicine and academic research, Dr. Lu succeeds in helping and curing many conditions defined in the West as incurable.

     He treats diseases of:

  • the endocrine (hormonal) system
  • the nervous sytem (motor and cognitive)
  • blood vessels and the heart
  • the pulmonary (breathing) system
  • the digestive system and metabolic disorders

    In Israel, patients have been successfuly treated for chronic and acute problems such as: infertility, complex neurological problems (including epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, CPK), nonspecific pain, rheumatic pain, various dermatoligic problems (including psoriasis), diabetes, severe back problems including correction of displaced discs, various knee problems, bone spurs in feet, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, fibromyalgia, migraines, ENT problems, digestive system problems, hemorrhoids, growth and development problems with children, various mental illnesses, including trauma and depression, chronic rhinitis, allergies and asthma, various hormonal problems (including thyroid), anti-aging, Alzheimer's disease, obesity, facialis, and more.

    Recently Dr. Lu successfully treated a child with CP despite the pessimistic assessment of the child's doctors. After four years of treatment by Dr. Lu, the child walks independently and is beginning to make progress with speech. Within the framework of his work as a volunteer in the Israel Defense Forces, Dr. Lu has treated soldiers who were severely wounded in the Second Lebanese War, and made a major contribution to their rehabilitation.

    The following is but a sample of the comments written about Dr. Lu by a colleague in a letter to the Minister of the Interior, as part of a request to grant Dr. Lu Israeli citizenship:

    "I met Dr. Lu Chen Guang 8 years ago and I bear witness that he is an expert in his field, with a level and breadth of knowledge an experience unparalled in Israel. Dr. Lu has made a major contribution to the training and and enrichment to the knowledge of other specialists in the field of Chinese medicine in Israel."

    Alongside Dr. Lu works Tami Cleitman. Tami assists Dr. Lu in his work, translates, assists with the task of communication between Dr. Lu and his patients, and provides emotional support to the patients. In addition Tami helps the patients with her extensive knowledge, acquired through years in the field of health and the alternative means to maintaining health (nutrition, herbal medicine, natural supplements, natural functional medicine, means of maximizing one's genetic potential, and more.) Recently Tami has been certified to provide counselling in these fields and the counselling which she provides is an integral part of the treatment received by patients of the clinic. Tami is connected to sources of information in Israel and the outside world and so is often aware of new knowledge in these subjects before it becomes public.

     For an overview of Dr. Lu's treatment and his contribution to the health of his patients, see the "Testimonials" page and read the many stirring letters of gratitude from patients who have been helped by him after being unable to get help with their problems elsewhere.


 Patients' Stories

Prof Borochovsky Guy Kivez
Ela Zelikov Dany Shirazyr
Boaz Banai Marina Katz
Or Giladi Nini Samuel
Dani Berebi Acinoam Haimovitz
Ella Klir Ariel Arkadi
Igor Israel
Sonia with children Kira

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